When I first met Sue I was in a dark lonely place with no self esteem and pretty much a broken man.  With the help of Sue and the use of her  techniques I began to believe, respect and like myself, for which I am truly grateful.  It has been invaluable in my rehabilitation.  “Life can get better”.’ C .C  (Midlands)


“I would like to thank Sue for all the help that she has given me. I initially needed help with some goal settings but got much more! Each time I have seen Sue and wanted her help she has always been there. Sue is a very likable person and has an extensive knowledge of her therapies, she always treats me in a professional manner. Throughout my life I have had many issues, either by parents, at school through bullying, as well as other physical abuse. Sue has been a great source of inspiration and I have found that nothing is too much trouble I have been enlightened and educated in the therapy that I have received from her. If I can pass on any advice, it is that you will benefit from using her guidance. She has helped me to overcome many emotional hurdles from my life. I feel so much more relaxed and confident as a result. Thank you very much from-P.A (Midlands) 


“Before meeting Sue, I was haplessly drifting through life, letting others make decisions for me and wondering why success only ever happened for everyone else. Things are different now. Sue has helped me to recognise that only I can unlock my own potential and that I have a responsibility to myself and those I love to do so. Since meeting her, I have arrived at a better understanding of myself, been able to face the barriers that have held me back and achieved things I hadn’t thought possible. And best of all: I am now in a position to help others.” – N.S (Midlands)

“Sue is an immensely caring and committed coach. She has a firm and kind way of challenging you. ” -James (Cornwall)

“Sue is very conscientious and passionate about the lives of people and the important role that a good level of self esteem plays in their overall well being.” -S.K (Derbyshire)

“Thorough, thoughtful and dedicated coaching from Sue. She has really helped to keep me focussed on the tasks I need to complete to grow my business successfully. An incredibly valuable service I would recommend to anyone considering making an investment in development for themselves and their business” -DL. Integritus Ltd

“Sue has really helped me gain clarity and keep me focused on what it was I needed to achieve, even when I was going way off track, I know I couldn’t have achieved the things I have to the same degree without her” -C. G  (London)