mbitBrain-based coaching is rooted in neuroscience – the scientific study of the brain and nervous system. Using the latest insights this new approach compliments and amplifies the practice of coaching to create yet more powerful transformational changes.

The mBIT model raises your awareness to bring you out of auto-pilot and to encourage new insights. Brain-based coaching is not counselling, mentoring or training. As your coach, i will not be instructing you or doing it for you. Brain-based coaching is self-directed and focused solely on drawing out what is already within.

What is mBIT?

Now we know we have more than 1 brain this next level of coaching encompasses  HEAD, HEART and GUT brains to bring wise alignment. We are already using these brains (without awareness) But! our personalities have preferences for overusing and or under using (amongst other patterns) This is why we self-sabotage our best efforts, feel overwhelmed or indecisive. With your brains aligned you will relieve yourself of your greatest stumbling blocks. Transformation really is an inside job

mBIT Radio“KNOW THYSELF”  It is your MASTERKEY to:

  • State management and self-control
  • Courage
  • Motivation for action taking
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Habit control
  • Health and well-being
  • Intuition


Interested in becoming a certified mBIT coach?  Next training  

15th – 18th February 2018 Midlands UK.  

Thank you so so much to Liz Hartley and Sue Frend for the wonderful life changing training you provided in such a wonderful heart warming way. I felt completely taken care of 150%. Now I’m ready for some serious action which had been seriously missing before this training… Go go go.”  NC