LOVING YOUR LIFE – Generative book journey


  • Whats new? Neuroscience, mBIT and positive psychology combined for your greatest benefit.
  • Understanding your multiple brains – yes really! we have 3 (currently) and were not consciously using them
  • Connections –  Social learning is a fun way to engage with other like minded, heart centred, gutsy souls, there’s power in numbers!
  • Aligned state – Whether you are currently a deep thinker a person of massive action or said to be all heart you will gain benefit by utilising and aligning all 3 brains for your highest wisdom.
  • 30 explorations, based on affirmative statements identified from people who passionately love their lives.


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Come and join us in this guided, shared journey  exploring your world. Using mBIT, NLP and positive psychology to evaluate what it truly means for you to be LOVING YOUR LIFE.

Based on the book of the same name by Grant Soosalu and using monthly webinars  (approx 1.5 hours)  3 bite sized explorations will be delved into.

This guide and tool will help you to  focus on key aspects of loving yourself and your life more fully. It will assist you to gain insights into parts of yourself that can/will open your heart and your world in more meaningful ways.

This  is a fun, insightful and powerful way to learn HOW to love yourself and your world by sharing strategies, techniques and wisdom.

This course is based on both science and ancient wisdom, simple yet profound!

The use of this book combined with mBIT coaching can take you to new levels of meaning and purpose.

WARNING – this material when implemented can seriously improve your lot!


For your investment you will receive

  • A digital and hard copy of the Loving Your Life book  – However you prefer to read you will have choices available.
  • Social learning groups – Your very own LYL community a private place to share thoughts, ask questions and learn from each other
  • Monthly webinars – 10 Monthly webinars where we will engage and delve into 3 of the explorations. Approx 1- 1/2 hours per session, recorded for your convenience if you not able to attend.
  • Digital and hard copy of mBRAINING, using multiple brains to do cool stuff

What a difference a year can make!! You are the most important person in your world and your life reflects that too you.


Testimonial from Reb Veale UK

“Very rarely have I responded to a book in the way I am continuing to do with Loving Your Life…and I’m loving it!Each chapter is a separate area for exploring and it is easily as refreshing and exciting as a holiday, with new discoveries and wonderful remembering’s. I love that there are truly practical suggestions and it is all expressed in a compassionate human way. I have a deep feeling that I will continuing to delve into this book and myself for years to come”


Testimonial Josh Melano Queensland, Australia

“LYL book journey is a fantastic way to not only learn, but also discover and put into practice the type of things that help you show more loving in your life. I would often read an interesting book, take a few insights and then move onto the next one. Being able to deeply explore the insights of an entire book over a year, has helped me to not just make better distinctions about where I put my energy but ACTUALLY putting it into practice. My biggest take-away is that loving is done through what you do, and when I approached my life through the lens of doing more loving, the doing got so much easier and more meaningful. This was truly a transformational journey”.


Testimonial Davia McMillan Melbourne, Australia

“Travelling on this wonderful journey with a group of people who are loving their lives as much as I am, is truly inspirational. We support each other and have grown individually and as a group, which has enriched all our lives in more ways than ever expected. The content of the journey is both profound and easy to apply to my daily loving of life”


So what is the investment for such a program?

£365! A years worth of support and  the latest cutting egde information for less than your favourite treat.

Please email in the first instance to clarify the staring date and to register your interest