National Curriculum

carrot successBack to school

It’s the time of year yet again when students are in the limelight. It’s so good to see all those smiling faces in the local papers lots of A’s and A*s to applaud.

Yet it makes me feel sad when I think of all those that ” didn’t make the grade” strange how we value and term success on such a small area of ability. Does it mean that the students without top marks area any less as people? …..I think not!

Our society puts a lot of store on academic achievement and quite often it’s also someone’s nail in the coffin. We are so much more than we perceive ourselves to be, our education system perpetuates the notion that grades are a measure of someone’s ability to “succeed” in life surely success would depend on the individual’s definition.

Oh I forgot here’s little room for individuality in our schools that’s too much to handle better we get everyone doing the same thing then we can measure it and further down the line when stress, anxiety, depression quite often kick in then if lucky enough you could be caught and potentially unravel the mess that years of suppression has contributed to.

True education is the unfolding of the individual’s talents gifts and abilities, it’s for them to bring their full value to the table to share and contribute in our society. Like a feast the more variety there is the more enjoyment and gratitude to go round.