About Me


Sue FrendSue facilitates mBIT coaching and training. Sharing tools and strategies to ease your emotional world. 

Her own journey has had her explore and train in many modalities:

  • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Matrix re-imprinting
  • Accredited Life Coach
  • Member of Association for Coaching
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified mBIT Master Coach
  • Enneagram Coach
  • Certified TRE  provider
  • Counselling (person Centred Certificate)

As a mother of 4 her initial question to herself was ” from the same gene pool and living in the same environment, how do we get to be so different?” How do we create our sense of self? That old nature nurture debate!

That curious question over 25 years ago was the catalyst for the seeking, the delving and the training that has led to the Masterkeyprocess. Holding a firm belief that there are life enhancing tools for all of us. We can play our part in shaping our world through understanding and transforming our own pain and challenges.

Her greatest wish is that one day our education will provide the knowledge and practices that can equip us to understand ourselves our emotions and the gift each of us brings to the world…… as the saying goes “upon our children and how they are taught rests the fate or fortune of tomorrows world

Thank you for visiting.