The answers are within!

master key

Have you ever found that statement to be annoying?

On one hand you may have a sense there is truth in that statement and yet you  don’t seem to be able to connect with this illusive truth, Do you ever feel like your on a lonely path, the only one going through this maze with a blindfold. We didn’t arrive with manual but we sure as hell can learn and create one. Fascinating scientific evidence  is ongoing, confirming what ancient wisdom has been telling us for thousands of years….. only we couldn’t hear or better said we weren’t listening.

We now know that our bodies are a walking recorded history of our past!  it is in our interest to listen to that recording as our emotions are our own personal sat nav shouting directions at us!! External events constantly test our ability to feel good, yet feeling good is our bodies way of letting us know we are on or off track.

As Ghandi said “you must be the change you want to see in the world”. In this ever changing, ever challenging world we live in there is only one person EVER who can change the way you feel! 

By that I do not mean that you are to blame for anything going on in your world! S–t happens, how you respond to events is however, your responseABILITY.

Our personalities (and the use of our brains) hold the keys for us. The latest neuroscience confirms ancient wisdom, that we have intelligence systems not only in our HEAD, but also in our HEART and GUT that work coherently to function at higher levels. Our innate talents and abilities will more easily surface when we are in alignment. We can overcome challenges, problems with decision making, overwhelm, relationship struggles and habit control to name but a few.

This is not counselling! There is no need for me to understand or even hear your “story”. Coherent coaching is looking at where you are, where you choose to be and getting out of your own way as you hold your own keys.

We are all gifted and talented, when we are out of our own way we can feel free, worthy and even at peace. We benefit ourselves and those around us when we recognise this for ourselves. this is the change you can see in your world!

Masterkey is a resource for anyone who wants to understand themselves.and improve their world!

I look forward to connecting…..